Sunday T&A

Today’s Thifting and Adventure post comes late in the day because – I just got done. LOL

Yesterday, we had my In-laws over to the house for dinner and spent our Saturday doing some projects around the house to sort of finish up the moving-in.  The Fiance and I engineered 2 new nightstands for the bedroom, and we finally started putting up pictures.

So, today we headed out to one of the Thrift Stores we found last weekend.  They have customer appreciation day on Sundays and there’s a coupon for 50% off everything in the store.  So, it’s likely to become a Sunday tradition.  With that as our sole intention for the day, we ended up going to 4 more Thrift stores, one that was new to us and 3 others that we hit last weekend.. just because.

Here’s the haul from this week:

That’s it for the week – it was a pretty great afternoon.

Have you had any amazing finds you want to brag about?  Use the comments to tell me about them!

Sunday T&A (Thrifting & Adventure)

Wow!  Yesterday was an AMAZING day!

The Fiance and I have had such a blast exploring the little Flea Market near my home in Florida every Saturday that we were truly sad to say Goodbye 2 weeks ago.  In fact, we even built in a final trip to it in the middle of all the moving mayhem.   So, with our first available Saturday in our new home, we set out to find new Thrifting & Adventure! (Haha – T&A..  I really do crack me up.)

First, we started with a Googled list of Flea Markets in our area, and settled on one or two we found in a neighboring town.  We set out to find the top one on our list and were delighted to realize they are on bordering lots, so when you go to one, you literally just walk right over to the other one!  Score!

At the VERY first booth, I found 2 old Mason jars, which I love.  They weren’t from a regular flea market vendor, just a man who had a bunch of stuff he was looking to sell, so they were pretty darned cheap!  He was asking 3 for both of them, and I offered him $5 for both, and he took it.  SWEET!  The day was off to a GREAT start!

From there, we meandered around the two Flea Markets and found a few other little treasures.   My little Monkeyface bargained for a Star Wars Lego Lunchbox.  Originally it was a few dollars, but she managed to get it for 50 cents.  GOOD JOB, PRINCESS!  Inside, it is fitted with a foam insert that holds a Nintendo DS and some of its accessories.  Perfect!

We picked up a few more little things.  The Fiance and I scored a cool globe for the house, and Monkey found a Beanie Babies Monkey she loved.  After the Flea Market, we were going to head to Big Lots, but I decided that I didn’t really want to go there – it would just be disappointing.  I didn’t really want to buy anything retail – I just wanted to sift through other peoples’ old junk.  So, we scoped out a couple of new-to-us Thrift Stores.  That’s when we stumbled upon Thrifting Mecca!   Apparently the first weekend of the month, there are a few open-air marketplaces set up in parking lots opposite each other at an intersection that ALSO houses 2 different Thrift/Consignment stores.  Woo!

We popped into one of the Thrift stores, because on my list this weekend was a Winter coat for Monkey.  Georgia has been MUCH colder than Florida, and she didn’t own one.  In the Thrift Store, I scored not only a Winter coat for this year, but a coat for NEXT year, too!  And a cute sweater!  All for around $10.  GO MAMA!

We stopped by the Open Air Markets, and Monkey bought herself a bracelet from a local artisan, and then we headed into a Goodwill that was in the same parking lot.  At Goodwill I found some picture frames, some of them 99 cents, and some of them just under 2 dollars a piece.

These were on my list, as well.  Well, 2 of them were.  The other three were just really good bargains that I couldn’t pass up.  Last week, Walgreens was offering a free 8×10 print that I took advantage of, so I used it to have a Dinner Menu and a Routine/Chore Chart for my Monkey made up.  That project will be up this week on the blog.  Stay posted!

Also, Monkey got herself a Robotic Dog toy and a book.  She was pretty pleased with her purchase.  The Fiance saw a book by Jon Stewart that he wanted.  When he found it, he told me “I wanted this when it first came out, but I wasn’t going to spend $30 on it.”  He got it for $2.50.  Go honey!

We finished out the day by hitting up a couple of cute little Independent shops back in our town, as well as Ace Hardware, where I picked up some Half-gallon canning jars and some black spray paint.  (For two other projects, planned on the blog this week.  If you’re counting – that’s THREE posts to look forward to this week!  EEK!  Are you tingling with anticipation?!  You should be!)

All in all, we spent 6 or 7 hours adventuring our new thrifting sights, with plans next week to hit up a few that are in the opposite direction from our home.  By the time we got home, my feet were sore, my spirits were high, and it was dinner time.  We ate some dinner, and The Fiance and I got to work setting up the new bed in our bedroom and then collapsed, ready to enjoy the extra hour of sleep from Daylight Savings Time ending.  It was a GREAT day!

A little recap:

The picture quality isn’t great, but like I said – it was LATE by the time we got home, and I couldn’t wait to take pictures, even if it had to be in the dimly lit dining room.

Have a great Sunday!