My Christmas Mantel

I have a picture in my closet that I look forward to bringing out all year long.   In fact, a few years ago when I moved and only had very limited space, I had to get rid of almost ALL of my Christmas decorations.  It broke my heart, but  I knew I would eventually build a new collection of Christmas things.  This painting is one of the very few things I kept – and the ONLY thing that wasn’t family related.  It is a painting of the Nativity and it makes me smile every time I see it.

It is pretty much a given that every year it will be above my mantel, but the things around it change from year to year.  This year I decided to put up a Christmas garland that I made myself for $6.50.  I also added in some ornament wreaths, candles and angels.

Christmas Mantel - The Mad Minx

Seeing this every morning when I walk into the Living Room just makes me happy.  The wreaths, angels and candles are all from previous years, but this year I made the garland.   It was rather easy, took about an hour and a half, and the best part is – it cost $6.50!

Garland Close Up

I was inspired by Between Naps on the Porch, which I found on Pinterest.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot here, so this is my breakdown:

Garland: $4.00

String of 100 lights: $2.50

The ornaments and wire were already in my stash, from last year.  The Fiance and I sat down to watch a movie, and I spread my garland out on the family room floor and just started wiring away.  Before the movie was over, it was finished!  (The movie was The Fiance’s choice, so doing the garland also gave me an excuse to look away from the gory parts!)

I rounded out the hearth with a basket full of pinecones collected by my two loves, and a painting that conveniently hides where I’ve plugged in the garland.. teeheehee.


2 comments on “My Christmas Mantel

  1. susanbetweennapsontheporch says:

    Wow, your mantle is gorgeous! I noticed The Lettered Cottage is having a mantel party today…definitely link up yours. This is too beautiful to not share!

    • The Mad Minx says:

      Thank you! And thanks for the heads up about the link party – I’ll be sure to do that tonight. Just took a peek! My there’s a lot of gorgeous mantels out there this year!

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