Homemade Pajamas for my Monkey

Today was Pajama Day at school for The Monkey.   She asked me to make her some new jammies to wear, so when we went to JoAnn’s last week, I looked for some snuggly soft fleece to use for the pants.  Her school mascot is the Jaguar, so we found some Animal print fleece to use to make her both pants, and then I decided to applique a t-shirt for her to wear with the pants.

I used this tutorial to make her pants from an existing pair of fleece pants she owned.  They turned out great and only took about an hour from start to finish.

On her way out the door to school this morning, in her Jaguar Jammies!

On her way out the door to school this morning, in her Jaguar Jammies!


For the shirt, I made a quick copy of the logo and scaled it in Word, then printed it in black and white on my printer.   I laid the t-shirt down on my cutting mat, laid the fleece on top of it, and then the paper with the logo.   I used some pins to pin all three layers together, and then I put the whole thing under the needle in my sewing machine.  I stitched around the outside of the logo, through the paper, fleece, and top layer of the t-shirt.  Then I removed the pins, spritzed the paper with water, and tore it away from the fleece.  I took my scissors to cut carefully around the stitching, just through the fleece.  Because I used fleece, there wasn’t any worry of the fabric fraying, so you can just use a straight stitch, no need to catch the edge in a zig-zag like you do with traditional applique.

I had her try everything on before she went to bed, hemmed the pants, and then I thought she might like a little something to go in her hair.

Jammies 03

A matching hair bow!

So, I took a 24″ x 3″ strip of fleece left over from the jammies, and ran a running stitch along the bottom, gathering it into a circle.  Once it was gathered into a circle, I did the same with a 24″ strip of ribbon from a spool I picked up at the dollar store.  I stitched that down onto the fleece gathered circle and then looked for something I could use in the center.  I originally was going to use a button, but after going through my stash – I didn’t have any buttons! Ha!  What I did find in my little box I use to gather random trinkets I find around the house was a junky little plastic-painted-silver adjustable ring.  The kind you’d get from a quarter machine.  I used my scissors to snip off the ring portion, and then hot glued it into the center of the flower I was building.

I flipped the whole thing over, and hot glued an alligator clip onto the back and secured it with a couple of additional stitches, “just in case.”  I think it turned out great, and she was really happy this morning to have a little something extra to go with her new jammies!

Fit for a Jaguar Princess!

Fit for a Jaguar Princess!


I loved how this project came out, and this year, I’ll be making her Christmas jammies, so having a little practice-run was a nice confidence boost.  I’m ready to do this again!

Printable Dinner Menu

A few weeks ago, Walgreens was offering a free 8×10 print so I took advantage, creating a write-on/wipe-off dinner menu to go in our kitchen.  I used a frame I got from Thrifting that same week.  It was lightweight, and I didn’t even need to spray paint it.  It was 50% off day, and the frame was originally marked $1.91, so I spent a total of $0.96 on the frame, plus the free print from Walgreens.  I had some magnet tape in my stash, which I hot-glued onto the back of the frame, and voila!  Reusable dinner menu for under $1!

Click the menu above to receive a free copy of the printable I used!

Click the menu above to receive a free copy of the printable I made!


So, how does it look, once it’s up on the fridge?  You tell me..

Free Dinner Menu printable - Make your own reusable dinner menu from a recycled frame, some magnets, and this free printable!  http://www.themadminx.com

We just use a dry-erase marker to plan out the menu for the week and then wipe it off with a paper towel when it’s ready for the next week.   Given that my fridge is located directly next to my sink, and the side of it faces out into the room, it was the perfect place for it.   You could also hang it on the wall, or stand it on the counter if you chose.

If you use my printable (or any other).. and you make this project, please be sure and comment so that I can see your beautiful menu, too!


My Christmas Mantel

I have a picture in my closet that I look forward to bringing out all year long.   In fact, a few years ago when I moved and only had very limited space, I had to get rid of almost ALL of my Christmas decorations.  It broke my heart, but  I knew I would eventually build a new collection of Christmas things.  This painting is one of the very few things I kept – and the ONLY thing that wasn’t family related.  It is a painting of the Nativity and it makes me smile every time I see it.

It is pretty much a given that every year it will be above my mantel, but the things around it change from year to year.  This year I decided to put up a Christmas garland that I made myself for $6.50.  I also added in some ornament wreaths, candles and angels.

Christmas Mantel - The Mad Minx

Seeing this every morning when I walk into the Living Room just makes me happy.  The wreaths, angels and candles are all from previous years, but this year I made the garland.   It was rather easy, took about an hour and a half, and the best part is – it cost $6.50!

Garland Close Up

I was inspired by Between Naps on the Porch, which I found on Pinterest.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot here, so this is my breakdown:

Garland: $4.00

String of 100 lights: $2.50

The ornaments and wire were already in my stash, from last year.  The Fiance and I sat down to watch a movie, and I spread my garland out on the family room floor and just started wiring away.  Before the movie was over, it was finished!  (The movie was The Fiance’s choice, so doing the garland also gave me an excuse to look away from the gory parts!)

I rounded out the hearth with a basket full of pinecones collected by my two loves, and a painting that conveniently hides where I’ve plugged in the garland.. teeheehee.


Homemade Christmas: Marker Roll up for Under $10

This year, I decided to take advantage of my new-found space and ability to craft and make a lot of the presents for our family’s Christmas.  The Fiance took me to Craft store on Saturday and let me play in the Fabric remnant section as well as re-stock a lot of my adhesives and other fun stuff.  I just can’t say enough what a good man I’ve got.  🙂

I sat down last night after The Monkey was in bed and made her a Marker Roll-Up.   It’s similar to the Crayon Roll-ups I’m sure you’ve seen tutorials for.  I just adjusted the measurements a little because instead of 16, or even 24 crayons – the package of markers I used contained 30 markers.  I ended up with 31 pockets because I am FANTASTIC at Math. hehe.   So – she’s got a 30-marker-plus-1-pencil-roll-up!  I’m just gonna pass that off as intentional. 😉

Marker Roll Up - Under 1 hour, under $10!  http://www.themadminx.com

The process really wasn’t that hard.  My fabric was 40″, so I kind of went from there.  I measured the markers, which were 8 inches from bottom to top, so I made my fabric 9.5″ x 36″.

I cut 2x the Owl Fabric, which I got from the Remnant bin in Joann’s.  Isn’t it adorable?

And then I cut 1x the Flower Fabric 11″ x 36.

Marker Roll Up 3

I folded and ironed the Flower Fabric in half and laid it down on top of 1 of the owl pieces.  I pinned it in place and then stitched around the outside to tack it down.

Then I took my ruler and measured every 1″ along the flower fabric, made my marks, and stitched vertical lines down the flower fabric, forming the pockets the markers would slip into.

Marker Roll Up 5

After I’d stitched all of the little pockets, I laid the second piece of owl fabric wrong-side-up onto the whole thing and stitched around the outside with a 3/8″ seam allowance, leaving a 3″ gap for turning.

I turned and pressed and then top stitched the whole thing closed, slipping my length of ribbon into the 3″ gap I’d left before stitching that closed.

Marker Roll Up 2

After it was all stitched up, I inserted the markers from the package I’d bought, rolled the whole thing up and tied a bow with the ribbon.  Voila!

Here’s the price breakdown:

30 Washable Markers– $3.98

Owl Fabric – $2.75

Flower Fabric – $3.99 for a yard, but I only used half – so $2.

Ribbon – From my stash, I’ve had it for years. (Free)

Total:  $8.73

Marker Roll up 4

Even if I’d had to purchase the ribbon, you can find some in the dollar store, so this project would still be under $10.   I’m excited to include it in her Christmas gifts this year – she’s going to love it.  How can you NOT love those adorable little owls?!


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