Last Day in Town…

Yesterday, we worked pretty hard and got the house 95% packed.  Today, we blew off pretty much the entire moving process and decided to enjoy our last day in my sleepy little Florida town.  I think it was pretty much a great idea to build in a day of relaxation and enjoyment into this process – never underestimate the importance of morale!

We started out the day, bright and early and headed to our favorite Flea Market.  I’m REALLY going to miss this Flea Market – it’s one of my very favorites, in all of the places I’ve ever lived.  We ended up with James Bond Monopoly for $2, an antique potato ricer for $4, and some books for the Monkey, 3/$1.  Certainly not our largest or most exciting haul, but.. we had a great time, simply walking around and enjoying our morning.

By 10:30, we were done there, having walked the 2 miles around the marketplace.  So, we headed to Target, to see if we could pick up some goodies for Miss Monkey’s new room in the Atlanta House and check out the Halloween costumes as well.   We ended up finding her some new organic cotton sheets for $5, marked down from $25.  So, score there!

Then we drove out to the Beach and had lunch right on the Beach.  We went to this little Seafood place that I absolutely love.  Lunch couldn’t have been more perfect – they sat us directly next to the playground in the sand, and right near the Beach Volleyball nets.  Monkey made quick friends and played the afternoon away on the playground equipment, and The Fiance and I enjoyed some amazing shrimp and seafood on a gorgeous afternoon, watching the water and people play Volleyball.  It was simply beautiful.  Oh, and we finished it all up with an AMAZINGLY HUGE piece of incredible Key Lime Pie.

We came home and took naps, and then Monkey and I went out for sushi for dinner while The Fiance got up, took some tums and extended his nap into what will probably be tomorrow, because his tummy isn’t feeling so good.   He worked hard for us yesterday and he’ll be working even harder tomorrow – so he absolutely deserves a comfy long nap.  I’m going to go snuggle with him in a few, once I load a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother onto my iPad, and see if he wants to do a little cuddling and TV-watching before retiring for the night.

2 comments on “Last Day in Town…

  1. Nessa says:

    Love you babe!! Hope you got my text!! Safe driving! Big hugs!!

  2. […] the little Flea Market near my home in Florida every Saturday that we were truly sad to say Goodbye 2 weeks ago.  In fact, we even built in a final trip to it in the middle of all the moving mayhem. […]

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