Christmas in.. September?

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS….  Well, in my head anyway.  And all over my Pinterest boards.  (Do you follow me on Pinterest?!  Because you should… Pins are FUN!)

Don’t you LOVE this? I love this! (Photo Source: Pinterest)

I am moving up to Atlanta the week of Thanksgiving.  The Fiance and I spent last week packing boxes in Florida and stuffing them into his car.  He took a load up to Atlanta yesterday and will be back for another in 2 weeks.   That means that I’ve officially shifted into dreamer-mode when it comes to my home and DIY lovin’.

Normally I start decorating the house around Halloween and don’t stop until somewhere around Valentine’s Day, but moving over a major holiday has kind of thrown a Monkey Wrench into that plan.  Plus, this Christmas is going to be extra special for a number of reasons:

  • It will be our first Christmas as a family in The Atlanta House.
  • It will be the first major holiday I can decorate for, since we’re moving over Thanksgiving
  • It will be the first time my mom is coming to ME for Christmas
  • …. something way awesomer than all of that, but it’s a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE.
  • It will be the first Christmas with my In-Laws and we are hosting Christmas Dinner this year.

So, I’ve spun out into full nutjob mode.  I’ve come up with my Christmas Timeline, begun planning the decorations for the house, the meals I will make, and the gifts I will give.  There just might be some DIY-lovin’ going on in Florida, in anticipation…  I’m not sure I can hold out another 2 months! 😉

This is positively adorable! I think I’ll be making this in Florida… (Photo Source: Pinterest)

When do you start thinking about Christmas?  Do you shop early?  Plan early?  Or are you a last-minute, pull it out of the attic and shop the week of Christmas for presents kind of person?  Any great ideas planned for this year?

3 comments on “Christmas in.. September?

  1. Jessica says:

    I’ve started thinking about Christmas, but haven’t DONE anything. I try to do a baked good for local friends, and this year I’ll try to do something super simple. Picking out Christmas cards is possibly my favorite task–so I’ll get started with that soon!

    Good luck with the move over the holidays, we’re moving across town the week before Thanksgiving.

  2. Melissa says:

    I am due on 12/19 and my sister and her family ate coming to visit for Christmas. My energy is waning a bit with the whole 25 weeks pregnant in August in South Central Texas, but I have been thinking about Christmas a TON! I want to do some baking and freeze it so I can still contribute Christmas cookies. I think everyone may be getting gift cards as presents from us this year. I haven’t thought about decorations specifically other than I want to put something up! I don’t want EVERYTHING to be on hold for the new baby but realistically I’m not going to have gobs of energy between my toddler, a newborn, Christmas, in-laws, and my family!

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