Blood on the walls…

So, after my last posting, things ramped up a bit here…  We drove to Florida, with the intention of spending several days for my birthday.   We got there late Sunday night, and at Midnight, my 2 loves gave me presents..  And then we went to bed.   We slept late, rolled out of bed to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and then took a long drive along the coastline, enjoying the views of the water and the wind on our faces.  When we got home, it was a bit warm in the house.  Uh-oh.  I checked the thermostat and lowered it a bit, but worried that maybe the AC was just working a little too hard.  So, we hung out for a little while but ultimately decided to head out, enjoy the afternoon and then go to a late dinner at a great Fondue restaurant.  So, showers and then back out we went.

Dinner was amazing, and I had a good time with my loves.  However, when we got home, it was just downright HOT in the house.   We looked at the Unit and tried to troubleshoot it, turned on a bunch of fans and tried to make the best of it.   By 3 a.m., it was blazing hot and The Fiance and I couldn’t take it anymore.  My monkey wasn’t complaining, but she also hadn’t fallen asleep either, because she was hot.   So, we packed up the car, grabbed a couple of 5-hour energy drinks and came back to Atlanta.  The monkey and I slept for a good portion of the trip and The Fiance powered through like a champ and got us all safe and sound back to the Atlanta house.

While we were in Florida, my In-Laws had decided to come and look at the house once more before deciding to head to the bank, and My future Mother-in-Law noticed things that were less than optimal for her that would go unnoticed unless you’re looking at a house, envisioning yourself in it.  One, both of the bathrooms have bath tubs, not walk-in-showers, and she has a tough time climbing in and out of a bathtub.  So, they mentally added that as a renovation they’d have to make.

Two, the backyard is quite large.  That’s upkeep they’ll have to pay someone else to do, because they can’t maintain a yard of that size.  Third, the driveway has a little bit of gradation to it.  Not a lot, but enough that someone in their 60’s would sit up and pay attention to that.   She worried that my future Father-in-Law would have a hard time taking the trash to the street and back up to the house.

In a stroke of coincidence, their Realtor called them the same day with a listing to show them, 3 miles from here, with all of the things they’d been looking for in a house.  They went to see it, and my future Mother-in-Law fell in love.  In LOVE.  The house is a bit smaller, on a smaller chunk of land, with a completely flat drive-way and a walk-in shower.

They were a little afraid to tell us, afraid we’d be upset that they’d changed their minds and we wouldn’t be house hunting after all.  LITTLE DID THEY KNOW…  I kind of hate house hunting, hehe.   And I was already fully entrenched in Crazytown with the house I HAD.  No sense sending my poor little planner brain into a complete tailspin and having no where to root my Crazytown fantasies!  So, with the new found news and finding ourselves in Atlanta instead of Florida – what did we do?  We went and bought paint.  Let’s get this Crazytown show on the road! hehe

We decided to paint the little nook next to the kitchen a different color than the rest of the common areas.  We’ve been talking and talking and
talking about this nook, and both of us were in agreement that we want to block off the sliding glass doors there and pretend they don’t exist.
Eventually, drywall would be nice, but for now – just hanging curtains will do nicely. I am most definitely a fan of red, and have lots of red accents already, so in the spirit of comforting, familiar colors, as well as budget in mind (I don’t want to spray paint ALL of my accent pieces, nor do I want to replace them).. we chose Valspar’s Posh Red.

The first night of painting was fun, and exciting, and our very first slap of paint onto the walls of what will be our home.  We liked it so much, we ran right out the next day and bought 5 gallons of paint for the common areas.  Let’s just say that painting that little nook compared to painting 16 foot high ceilings in a HUGE space (plus the hallway!) are VERY different experiences!  Buttttt…  we’re trekking along, and tomorrow I will unveil what we’ve completed in the living room. 😀

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