A curve ball? A monkey wrench?


The above song really has nothing to do with what’s happening, except that it’s called “Monkey Wrench” and it’s a song that I really like. 😀

So, The Fiancé and I have been talking a lot about the Atlanta house, and how to make it our home, etc.  AS YOU KNOW.  Well, what I didn’t tell you is that his parents have been house hunting, too.  They are looking to move to a neighborhood closer to where we are.   They are looking for a house priced around the same as the Atlanta house, and they are looking for a 3 bedroom ranch-style house.  This is proving difficult.  Guess who bought a 3-bedroom ranch in this area, for the right price?   Good guess.  That’s the house we’ve been mentally furnishing, turning into our home, etc.  Hmmm..

Soooo.. we’re going to sell them the house that is currently occupying Crazytown, and look for a different one.  The houses in this area are overwhelmingly 2-story, and we have slightly more wiggle room in our budget than they do.  So, being 30 years younger and able to shell out just a bit more… it only makes sense that we’ll look for a different house, since the one we have fits all of the criteria that they are looking for, and they’ve been looking for quite some time.

What does this mean?  It means that fabric swatches are shelved, paint samples are shelved. and furniture talk is completely out the window, because we have zero idea what kind of space we’ll be working with when it’s all said and done.

I am going home to Florida today, but in lieu of this recent development, I will only be staying a few days and I’ll be back up in Atlanta by weeks’ end, to hopefully meet with the realtor and get some preliminary looking done.   Soon, my monkey will be back in school and my ability to shuttle off to Atlanta will be drastically diminished, so I want to see as much as humanly possible while I’m still able to do so.  Once the school year begins, I will be stuck house-hunting via long distance while The Fiancé runs out with the realtor, to be my “eyes.”    I know it’ll be frustrating to go that route, so I am really hoping that we’ll see something we both like within the next 2 weeks.  I’ve been all over redfin looking at the MLS listings, piecing together a list of properties to send to the realtor, as well as our criteria (number of bedrooms, preferred communities, price range, etc.)

The Fiancé is headed to the bank in the morning, and I’ve got a working list of 27 properties I have favorited within a 10 mile radius of the Atlanta house.   We’ve pre-screened them to be sure they appear to fit our criteria and that they are in desirable locations.  27, that’s good, right?  Certainly with that amount of legwork, there’s bound to be SOMETHING that works out next weekend.  SURELY.  (Cross your fingers, I’m praying we find something perfect soon-ish and can be closed on it by Thanksgiving.)

Lemme repeat myself for the sake of emphasis.  CROSS YOUR FINGERS OR I’LL BE HOMELESS. 😉

One comment on “A curve ball? A monkey wrench?

  1. Some hoe you know says:

    Fingers crossed!

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