Operation: Meet The In-laws

So, this vacation to Atlanta was part working-vacation and part utilitarian.  One of the items on the agenda: Meet The Fiancé’s parents.   I can’t think of anything more nerve-wracking, to be honest.   At least on my first date with the Fiancé, I could always fall back on the batting of the eyelashes, or the well-timed innuendo to fill any void created by nerves.   Somehow, I didn’t imagine that would work with his parents.  I sweated it out and tried on 453 outfits, re-did my make up 3 times, and agonized over my hair.   I had “the talk” with my daughter about being on her best behavior, and we stopped to pick up flowers for my future Mother-in-law.

The plan was to visit them at their home, and then we would all go out to dinner.  Knowing this his mother was British, I wasn’t sure whether to expect Mary Poppins or Mrs. Doubtfire, but I stood anxiously behind him when he rang the doorbell, channeling all of my energy into any inner zen-like quality that would keep my palms from sweating profusely.  His father answered, with a warm-hearted smile and an Egyptian amusement twinkling behind his eyes, and immediately hugged my Monkey, inviting us in.  I hugged him and kissed his cheek, and while doing so, his mother came from around the corner with a very boisterous “hello!”

….  This Woman.  She is breathtakingly beautiful.  She embodies, physically, all that a lady should be, I imagine.  Her hair and make up were immaculate, and she was positively charming.  I think she meant to shake my hand, but I was still worried about that palm sweating, so.. what the hell!  I hugged her, too. Hehehe.

We sat on their floral print couches in the pink-wallpapered sitting room, and Monkey pulled out her very best manners, complimenting their home and trying her best to be as sweet and polite as she’d ever been.  I was very, very proud of her.  We went for seafood at a restaurant near their home, and .. the conversation was a tad disjointed and awkward, nerves filling all of us I think.  When all else failed, we talked about the food.   When the evening came to an end, I wasn’t sure at all if they liked me, and I couldn’t get a read on them at all.  When we parted, it was decided that they would drive out to the Fiancé’s home on Thursday and spend the afternoon and evening with us.  I would make dinner, and we would pick up a board game.   The Fiancé’s father offered to bring children’s DVDs for the Monkey.

One of the dishes we had at the restaurant was a shrimp appetizer that was delicious.  I wanted to try to duplicate the recipe, so I figured I would do my best to replicate it for their visit and then I would have 4 palettes to sample my efforts, with the original fresh in our minds.  I would also make a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage, because it’s low-fuss and would provide me with ample time to participate in the board games.

Thursday morning, we got up and ran out to the store to buy all of the things for the meal, trying to decide on that last-minute dessert.  The shrimp ended up fantastic (recipe next Friday!  I forgot to take pictures of the process, which I wanted to share with you, so The Fiancé and I are going to make it again this week just so we can document it for you guys), the Corned Beef was good, and I ultimately decided to make individual raspberry trifles for dessert, which got rave reviews.

We picked up Yahtzee to play with them, which they’d never played before (What?!  They do not play Yahtzee in England??  This is a travesty!), and that went well.   There was plenty of time for lots of conversation and the mood was much, much less nervous and far more casual.  By the end of the evening, My future Mother-in-Law and I had made plans to go shoe shopping at some future unnamed date for shoes for our wedding, we’d talked about going swimming together and I’d fallen in love with her proper, English charm.  I’d offered generously to beat my future Father-in-Law at a game of backgammon sometime in the future and allowed my heart to open to his native Egyptian mischievous sense of humor, and Monkey had gotten herself so wound up and excited by her new Nana and Pops (there was much discussion as to what she would call them, and the three of them settled this themselves) that she had trouble falling asleep, wanting to instead chatter away about all of the new and exciting things that we would all do together.

They left around 7:45 p.m. to drive home, and after getting Monkey in the bath and ready for bed, I laid on the bed while The Fiancé took a quick shower.  I was asleep before he got out — after a very long, yet very good day.

Side Note:  Monkey did eventually burst out with her “Ello, Gov-nah!” …  and his mother laughed very much and responded with “Ello, Luv!”  😀

One comment on “Operation: Meet The In-laws

  1. cindee says:

    A www minx! I’m so happy for you 🙂 you deserve the best!

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