Meeting the In-laws

So, today I am headed to Atlanta.   I am going to spend a few days there, probably in ultra-crazypants mode, measuring and thinking about the house.   We’ve also got some other great things planned.  A visit to the IKEA store (ooooh, tingles!), a couple of great restaurants, and… dun dun DUN!  Meeting the future in-laws.

The monkey is going to be meeting them for the first time, and I had to sit her down and explain to her that while Mama laughed very hard when she announced it, it is probably NOT a good idea to greet the Fiancé’s British mother with ” ‘Ello, Govnah!”  Teeheehee.  Le sigh.  I’m still iffy on whether or not she will abide… pretty sure she thinks it’s hysterical, and I can only sort of  predict what will come out of her mouth on a minute-to-minute basis.

I have been stressing an incredible amount about this meeting, and I’m ready to just get there, do my best, and see what happens!   Funny, for job interviews, I’m rarely nervous, but meeting this lady has my stomach pretty much in KNOTS.   In fact, I was pretty sick last week, and I’m fairly certain this stress is a direct contributing factor.  Funny, how stress does that to us!

But I think I have my ducks in a row.   I’m packed. (mostly! – I got up early this morning and did some work for my amazing client, Sirena… and then I’m posting to you, and then I’m going to finish packing.  Mr. Lazypants is still laying in bed listening to the alarm go off, so I think I’m ahead of the curve.)  I’ve got a lot of summer dresses packed, because Atlanta has been hot, hot, HOT… and I have a little black shrug packed to wear to dinner with his parents to cover my back tattoo.

I ordered myself 4 pairs of kick ass heels as a birthday present to myself last week, and they haven’t shown up yet, so I’m wicked sad about that.  I really wanted to wear them in Atlanta, but oh wells.  Time to break out some previously purchased kick ass heels and look forward to the package when I get back into town.  Until then, let’s drool over them together:

(My birthday isn’t for a week, so I guess even Fed Ex doesn’t want me opening my presents early.  UGH!)

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