Crazytown: Atlanta Living Room Colors

Crazytown is what my fiancé calls the place I go when I start ultra-planning mode.   You see, I’m a thinker.  And a planner.  And a pinner.  I pin like crazy to Pinterest  (Wanna follow me?) in random fits of pinning frenzy, and usually it’s organization projects,  crafts, recipes or house inspiration.  Sometimes a crass picture that makes me laugh. hehe.

I also search the web, look obsessively at pictures of the house we will be living in, and try to fit together pictures in my mind of how the space will look as our home.  Right now, I’m fixated on the living room.

I had him snap these with his cell phone so that I could take accurate trips to crazytown.  (  that he indulges me! :D)  However, tomorrow I am heading to Atlanta to see the house in person, so expect an influx of dimensions and photographs from all angles, plus a whole new level of crazypants. 😀

So, looking at the second picture in that series, you can see into the dining area, and around the right corner is the kitchen.  That is his couch, and in the negotiations we had about stuff-merging, it stays.  As does the TV.   The curtains, TV stand and ottoman, however, didn’t make the cut. 😉  (The ottoman will just go elsewhere in the house.)

Let’s talk about things I like:

  • Architecture.  I love the vaulted ceilings.
  • Flooring.  Wood floors, mmmm. 🙂
  • The fact that it HAS a fireplace (we’ll talk more about that specifically on the list of things I don’t like.)
  • The angles.  More specifically, the fireplace being on its own “wall” and the closet being at an angle.
  • The openness to the dining area.
  • That the trim is white.  I know some people like natural wood trim, I am just not one of those people.
Now, for things I am not a fan of:
  • That fireplace.  Really?  Yikes on the stone and YOWZA on that mantle.  It’s SO heavy and dark, I feel like it drags the room down.
  • The door opening directly into the room without a place for a mudroom-type area.
  • The window (that you cannot see.)  Beyond those curtains is an octagonal window.  AN OCTAGONAL WINDOW.  Dear Lord.
  • The narrow shape of the room, in general.
But, all things considered, I like this space.   It’ll just take a little attention to detail to make it feel like home. 🙂

To start, I began thinking about a paint color.   When the house was painted, it was all painted a pretty deplorable shade of white/blue that feels hospital-esque to me and makes me feel like someone could barge in with a blood pressure cuff at any moment.  I would much prefer something warmer.   Given that the room opens into another space, and there isn’t any place to really cut off the color to change to another, we’ll have to go with something that will be suitable for all three spaces. (Living room, dining room, kitchen.)

I am drawn to darker, slightly dramatic colors, because I really love how they pop with the white trim.   So, my initial thought is something like this Filbert color, that I just picked online from Valspar.   I also, however, like the Macadamia 2 shades up.  But I don’t like the Singe in between.   So, this could be a bit of a process.   I foresee some swatches painted on the wall and days spent staring at them in my future. 😉

That mantle will also be getting a coat of fresh, white paint, and I think I can probably add some molding detail to it to give it a sense of delicacy that it otherwise is completely lacking.   I’m just not 100% sure where to go with that just yet.

What do you think?  What color would you paint this room?  How would you address the mantle?  (Replace the fireplace entirely, which would be my first choice, isn’t in the cards for the time being.)

2 comments on “Crazytown: Atlanta Living Room Colors

  1. Heather says:

    I would maybe go with a soft tealish blue color and maybe some very light peach or beige/tan/khaki and play up the warm tones from the fireplace and sofa in the rest of the room. Then again, this is YOU, I so don’t see you in teal and peach, so I’d maybe go with something bold and bright – blood red and chocolate, maybe… with some lighter tans mixed in for good measure.

    I LOVE the fireplace though, so I’d be all about accenting it rather than playing it down.
    If you TRULY hate it (which makes me cringe), you could look into shelving to minimize the presence of the stone, or fabric along the far edges (think giant curtains) that could be pulled when not in use. I’d also push for the TV to be mounted above the fireplace… the tv in addition to the fp makes two focal points – or maybe put the TV on the opposite wall??

    From the pictures, it looks like a great space! The colors will need to compliment, but I’d g for a distinct change between one space and the next. And yes to white trim – I like bright white and GLOSSY trim with matte finish walls.

  2. Kathy M says:

    My living room is about the filbert color. Actually one wall is probably that shade, and the other 3 are more like the macadamia…so I like it! Although in my house I’m a bit tired of looking at it after 6 years.

    As for the fireplace, why don’t you put up a completely new facing. Take down the mantle and cover all the stone. Then build a new mantle that you like. They do it on the re-design shows all the time.

    And at the front door you could hang a curtain from the ceiling to the floor, or build a short wall. That way it kinda breaks it up a bit so it’s not just like “here’s Jenn’s living room”!

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