Would it be a 3-way?

A quick fly-by for my first official posting, and I give you…  a conversation I recently had with one of my closest friends:


Ann-Marie: lol
Ann-Marie: I’m watching this show on TLC about conjoined twins and them applying for their driver’s licenses
Me: Why do they BOTH need one? Shouldn’t just whichever one is on the left need one?
Me: I mean.. unless they go overseas..
Ann-Marie: lol
Ann-Marie: so how do they go about dating?
Ann-Marie: they both have to agree on somebody?
Me: Where are they joined?
Ann-Marie: looks like they have one body but two heads coming out of the top
Ann-Marie: i started watching in the middle of the show
Me: So just one vagina?
Ann-Marie: that’d be my guess
Me: I would think yeah, they have to agree on someone..
Ann-Marie: only one set of arms and one set of legs
Me: And … not to be an asshole, but…
Me: I imagine their choices are a bit limited.
Me: 1 vagina, and 2 opinions? Fat chance finding a man to put up with that.
Ann-Marie: inorite!
Me: My vagina barely gets me out of trouble my opinions make, and I’ve just got the one mouth to run.
Me: … this conversation just made me snort. haha
Ann-Marie is typing…
Ann-Marie: lmao

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